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WELCOME to the home of PRINTING SA, a registered trademark of the Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC. We hope you will enjoy learning about how print and packaging are essential parts of your life, how we use sustainable resources and how our members commit to ethical and high quality services, products and practices.


Rather than just getting a
job, start your lifetime career
in the printing industry.

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How can your company benefit
from Printing SA industry
representation & services

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Find out why PRINT, is still
the preferred medium
for communication

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Locate a printer, Paper or
Ink supplier in
your area

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Our Sponsors

The companies or associations listed below partner with or have sponsored and assisted PRINTING SA in the promotion of the printing and packaging industries. Together, we work to encourage all the industries to be responsible and sustainable.

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The Printing Industries Federation of South Africa NPC is recognised as the official mouthpiece of the industry. It is consulted by Government and all other important national bodies. The entire control of the direction of its efforts and utterances lies in the hands of the membership... Read More....

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